• Mondays shouldn't suck

    When things aren't working in your business, every Monday morning sucks. At Simplegration we'll show you how to make your Monday morning feel as awesome as Friday afternoon.

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  • Can we really improve your business?

    Does a bear s**t in the woods? Of course we can help!
    Amazing advice. Brilliant strategy. Flawless execution.

    Let's just say that we know our stuff.

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  • Get advice from the right people

    Your mate means well. But he knows squat about your business. Don't listen to the wrong people. Work with Simplegration and we'll learn your business inside out BEFORE we make a single recommendation.

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You can do better. So can your business.

It's time to get your shiz together. We're here to help.

We're Tech Obsessed

We're Tech Obsessed

We love technology. We love business. And we love making tech work properly in your business. Whether it's new apps, systems, websites or processes, we'll show you exactly how to make it work. Brilliantly.

We Custom Build. For You.

We Custom Build. For You.

We don't resell someone else's products or services. We don't make commission. We integrate tech into your business because it fits your situation perfectly and it makes sense. One size DOES NOT fit all.

We're Real People. With Real Support.

We're Real People. With Real Support.

We're local, we're there for the long term and we provide on-going support for everything that we do. None of this bullshit-handing-you-off to a support team....based in Bangladesh. Real service.

How We Work. What We Do.

This may surprise you but working with Simplegration is umm…pretty simple.

It’s pretty much a four step process with every single client. All of those things that you’ve always planned to do, but never had time? We make them happen. We take your business, look at the bits that are working and the parts that aren’t and come up with a detailed plan to make it run better.

And then here’s the freaky part: we actually do it. Seriously. We actually implement the plan!

Our clients LOVE us.

Mainly because they sleep better at night now.

Matt Keegan

Co-founder / Ketings

Keegan has been incredibly helpful on a number of projects because he rolls up his sleeves to get the job done. His agile approach ensures that all aspects of your business get the attention they need. His knowledge of new and emerging technology is amazing and has exceeded our expectations. Keegan is passionate, well connected, experienced and wicked smart - an awesome asset to any company!

Ben Banks

Director / PNI

Every startup should speak with Keegan. His insights and ability to understand the early adopter will be your greatest asset.

Nick Pinn

Director / Malt Dining

I honestly thought our systems were pretty good, but part of it was also not knowing what was out there. Sitting down with Lee and Keegan really opened my eyes to what was possible and how we could use existing apps to make things run so much more efficiently and save money at the same time.

Stop equivocating. Do something positive.

We get it. It’s hard to admit that things aren’t working as perfectly as you’d hoped. But the only person that can fix that situation is you.

Pick up the phone, give us a call and start a conversation about how we can make things better. Fall in love with your business again!

  • Find out what isn’t working. And why.
  • Learn about tech you didn’t even know existed that will help solve your problems.
  • Fix systems, processes and people that’s costing you a fortune.
  • Get that “jump out of bed, can’t wait to get started” feeling back for your business.
  • Lead your people to a better future.

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