Yep. We've got a podcast

It's what all the cool kids are doing these days.

Simplegration has a semi-regular (we try to do it weekly!) podcast called Simplicity. Each episode, Lee and Keegan discuss all things technology and integration and highlight a product they love and recommend to clients.
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#8 Stripe puts payments in their place!

#7 15000+ stores can’t be wrong in choosing Vend POS!

Season 2 Trailer… The Year of Content + Getting Sh*t Done!

#6 Pipedrive is a sales tool made by sales pros!

#5 TalkDesk is a call centre you want to talk about!

#4 Buffer makes social posting easy

#3 Lets make you project Flow

#2 If you hate accounting check out Xero

#1 How Slack is taking over the world

The story behind Simplicity

Our theme song is Simplicity by Macroform. It’s currently the best hold music on the internet and we loved it so much we wanted to put it in the Podcast.

We purchased a copy and you can to by visiting iTunes here. We originally heard it on the Reply All podcast (seriously, listen to the podcast if you haven't!).

Macroform says on his website....

"Talked with the guys from the Reply All podcast. So they stumbled across this song that I did back in 2010. Aparently it is being used in the open source Asterisk phone software. Well they seemed to really like it and want to use it on their show. Thanks guys! I guess when you release music on the net you just never know where it might go or who might hear it."

Want us to cover something?

Have a favourite app or website that you think we should be covering? Is there something in particular you'd like us to talk about on the podcast? Want further detail on how we do what we do? Hey, we're here to serve.

Just click the button below to be taken through to our contact form and send us a message. We'll make sure to get back to you and see what we can do about covering your topic in our next podcast. And if there's someone you'd like us to talk to or interview, we'd love to hear those suggestions as well!

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