Meet The Team

We’re not consultants. Let’s make that clear from the start. We love business. And technology. And combining the two is our nirvana.

You won’t see us in suits. Or trying to impress with spreadsheets and powerpoint slides. Instead, we’ll point you to real world successes and tell you how we can make your business great.

Keegan Sard

This is Keegan.

Serial entrepreneur. Reformed consultant. Lover of all things social media and tech. We swear Keegan came into this world holding a mobile phone and he’ll be buried with one too.

You’ll find Keegan browsing Product Hunt for the latest cool apps, solving problems that you didn’t know you had. Or talking about politics and how the world is broken but with a bit of hard work and properly using technology, we can fix it, dammit!

Keegan never sits still. He understands that to get anywhere in life you’re going to have to be willing to hustle, make sacrifices and fall in love with 2am at night. Because that’s where you’ll find him, the warm glow of the laptop lighting the room.

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Lee Mathers

Say “hi” to Lee.

Constantly quizzed by his mother every few months as to why he never used that law degree that he spent all of the time getting, Lee has never had a real job since finishing university.

He started his first company – a web development firm – while finishing that law degree. And from there it was onwards and upwards, starting, building, growing and selling out of a range of different businesses across myriad industries.

With Simplegration, Lee gets to impart fifteen years of knowledge: looking for, creating and utilising the best tech to make a company run as efficiently as possible. It will and always has been about building a relationship: understand the problem, propose a solution.

Living by the philosophy that “The Dream is free, but the Hustle is sold separately”, Lee rarely stops. He’s always on his phone, on his laptop, listening to podcasts – or all 3 at once: do what is necessary to get the job done.

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