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Our Fee Structure Is Pretty Simple

Initial Report: $3,000 flat fee

Once you have the report you can do what you want with it. Whether you decide to engage Simplegration, or do it yourself, you now have a roadmap on how to improve your business.


Implementation: $X per month

Our report includes the cost of implementation. We divide that cost over as 12 month period. You pay us that amount per month. So if our implementation quote comes in at $20,000, you’ll make 12 payments of $1,666.67. Easy.


Why This Pricing Model?

We make a loss on the report in the belief that you’ll engage Simplegration to implement it. And then the actual build and implementation costs are fixed, providing both certainty to you and us. It means that you don’t have to come up with a whack of cash to pay us, but we’re also invested in saving you money and getting the project finished as quickly as possible.


Ongoing Support

Once we’re finished, we stick around, providing support and guidance on how everything works. We’re here to build relationships for the long term.

So does this work?

Our clients spend, on average, about $50,000 to conduct a full review of their business, receive a report of everything that needs to be implemented and then have that implementation project carried out – that is, actually fixing your business.

The entire process can take anywhere from four weeks to six months, depending on your desired pace of change. And we get that that sounds like a lot of money. But it isn’t. Here’s why:

We guarantee that you’ll save more in your first
12 months than you will spend working with Simplegration. 

That’s an easy guarantee to make:

  • We’ll reduce the amount of staff that you need to do the same job. Even removing / reallocating one staff member will save you between $25k – $80k, depending on how much you’re currently paying them;

  • You’ll pay less for outside work – be it accountants, bookkeepers, contractors or other redundant people;

  • We’ll teach you new ways to do the same work, but it will be faster, easier to manage and more efficient;

  • With more time (because this shit just works!), you’ll be able to spend it on increasing your business. Spend more time on sales, talking to clients, getting new ones, creating new marketing material, exploiting opportunities, whatever you want;

  • You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your business is running properly. How much is that worth?

We don't "do coffee"

We just get stuff done.

We’re not here to waste your time. And we’re not here to work with everyone. Which is why we don’t “do coffee”. Coffee is for closers.
We’re more than happy to talk to you on the phone and to book in a time to start reviewing your business. We’re guessing if you’re found us you’re already considering working with us. So lets not waste time with “coffee”, or “catching up”. Lets do something. Lets get started.